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    Lewes Road, Brighton, BN1 9PW

The Brighton Aldridge Community Academy opened September 2010, moving to purposefully and imaginatively designed new buildings in 2011 enabling a creative, entrepreneurial and innovative curriculum. 

The Academy replaced Falmer High school, situated to the east of the city. BACA focuses on sport and entrepreneurship, and the new building has state of the art facilities for both of these areas. BACA provides the community with a school that delivers continually improving results, high standards, and fantastic facilities. The new Academy can accommodate 1150 students and provide sixth form education for the first time since the early 1990s.

Local Employers

We are always looking for local employers to get involved with various events that we run at the Academy. Whether you’re a small business or a large company, we would love to hear from you. Please contact for more details.

Principal's Message:

"The aim of our Academy is to give students the chance to unlock and maximise their potential in order to shape their own futures.

We will achieve this by providing:

  • An outstanding learning environment for students of all abilities in a new 21st Century state of the art building
  • A consistent approach to learning
  • An effective Behaviour to Achieve and Reward System ensuring that we acknowledge student achievements
  • A personalised and innovative curriculum that will ensure your child is given the very best to reach their potential
  • A focus on high standards of behaviour, smart uniform and good manners.
  • The unique combination of Sport and Entrepreneurship- will be used to drive up standards and create a ‘no excuse’ culture where every student is given the opportunity to develop the skills they need to be successful in the future."

Philomena Hogg

Message from the Sponsor:

"My vision for the Academy is to transform learning for students and create opportunities for the local community. BACA students benefit from new buildings and facilities which have been designed to create an inspirational learning environment.
I chose to become the Academy’s sponsor because I am fully committed to supporting young people and improving educational achievement. Our job as sponsor is to support Mrs. Hogg and her team to ensure that every student receives the very best education possible, and to bring in additional resources and new ways of thinking, particularly around the focuses of sport and entrepreneurship, to make BACA an exciting and successful school fit for the 21st Century. I was born and educated in the local area and will take an active and ongoing interest in the future of the Academy. Success for me is about creating a positive environment where your child can realise their future potential. Our message to the students is ‘believe you can’. I look forward to working with everyone involved to make my vision a reality."

Rod Aldridge
Chairman of the Aldridge Foundation
Sponsors of the Academy

Latest News

GOALS Week – Report and Evaluation July 2012

BACA GOALS week took place for BACA Year 10 students between Monday 9th and Friday 13th July 2012. This was an exciting, innovative venture for Year 10 students with the main aims of motivating the students to think about work and future study, and prepare them to make key choices about thir next steps as they go into Year 11.

The week was designed to challenge the students, increase their confidence through team building adventures, and encourage them to think differently and consider lots of options for their futures. We involved over 30 different employers, Universities and numerous special guests who were enthusiastic about the opportunity to prepare BACA students for the world of work.

GOALS Week Report and Evaluation

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