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Published: 31 Aug 2016

A group of electrical students from Chichester College have been plying their trade in another country

The six trainee electricians travelled to France over the summer break to spend two weeks working on an Eco-Chateau renovation project in Tinchebray, installing new wiring and fittings to the living and dining areas of the house.

It’s the first time the college has sent electrical students to work on the site, although students from the college’s construction department have been travelling to the chateau to work on the renovations for short stints since the project began in 2014.

The work at the Eco-Chateau is part of an EU-funded project, which sees the college working in partnership with other organisations including Linkage, Eco-Chateau and The Platform. It aims to give learners opportunities to boost their employability through providing practical work experience.

It also aims to raise students’ confidence and social skills, as well as giving them the opportunity to experience and understand other cultures and countries and to practice different ways of working. 

Lecturer Neil Redman, who leads the project at the college, said: “The work we do at the Eco-Chateau really is invaluable for our students.

It’s an opportunity for them to travel, to put what they’ve learnt into practice – as well as see how things are done in other countries.

“The project has really helped our students grow – they work hard while they're there and it's an eye-opening experience for them. In the two weeks they spend there, they really do learn a lot and for some, it is transformational.”

You can follow the progress of the project on Neil’s blog, at

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