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Published: 09 Jan 2017 By Search Consultancy - Founding Partner

SearchThe New Year is a time for change and positive progression! Read on for our top 5 steps to kick-start your career with a bang in 2017!

Step 1. Be Creative!

This tip can apply even at the very beginning of your application process. One great example of how creativity played an instrumental role in enabling a candidate to land their dream job, is the story of Sumukh Mehta, a 21-year-old from Bengaluru who was hired by GQ magazine's London headquarters without an interview, simply because he designed his CV to look like the cover of a Men’s magazine. In addition, research shows that 2 thirds of UK employers say that a creative workforce is key to generating strong business results.

Step 2. Spend extra time on LinkedIn!

Companies are now using LinkedIn when it comes to hiring new talent. It’s a great way to show your CV to potential employers – especially if you’re a student or graduate. Even if you’re not actively seeking a new job, just having an account could change your career! Research also shows that investing just 9 minutes per day is enough time for candidates to start reaping the benefits of this powerful, social networking tool!

Step 3. Invest in continuous learning!

According to a Learning Survey by Niace, the adult learning organisation, there's a strong correlation between learning and sustained employment. Staff who undertake learning activities are more able to adapt to the changing requirements of an organisation and gain a competitive edge in the job market. Candidates who demonstrate that they're conscientious about their personal development are likely to be seen as highly motivated and engaged. Their openness to learning also suggests they're flexible, adaptable and will bring a continuous improvement ethos to the workplace – all of which is appealing to an employer. Another recent study shows that employees were more likely to receive a 2.74 percent salary increase after completing a skills development course.

Step 4. Network!

There is so much more to networking then going to fancy launches and only hanging out with the people who give you attention. Be on the lookout for key individuals who could help to further your career. Ensure that you dress to impress, and do not be afraid to ask questions. There is no shame in showcasing your knowledge, expertise and passion for your industry, so utilise your gift of the gab to get people listening to what you have to say. This will ultimately increase your chances of an employer recruiting you to the job you want.

Step 5. Be Proactive!

Remember that as a candidate, you rule the job market! So instead of complaining about how you’ve filled out 10 online application forms and have yet to receive a call back, be proactive! Pick up the phone, call a recruitment consultant and keep chasing up leads to land your dream job. If you know you’re going to be interviewed by a particular employer or consultant, add them to your Linkedin network and get in touch straight away. If you have a portfolio showcasing your track record and experience in your industry, do not be afraid to use it!

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