The Brighton Summit - Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce

A day of desire…and business


When you go to a business conference, what do you expect to come away with? A pocket full of business cards and a stomach full of coffee? The feeling that you could have used that day better if you’d stayed in the office and cleared your emails?

Join us at the Brighton Summit on 14th October, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to gather business cards and drink coffee. While you do that, explore your desires. We’ve created a programme of extraordinary speakers and practical workshops designed to challenge your thinking and send you away ready to turn desire into growth.

Why desire? Because every business starts with desire. The desire to make something, sell something, be something, do something. As businesspeople, we’re driven by desire, but often find we lose sight it in the course of our working lives, pre-occupied by meetings and emails. The Brighton Summit is your opportunity to cut the noise out for a day and think about what really matters to you, your business and your future.

What happens at the Brighton Summit?

The day is designed to give you plenty of opportunity to spend time on things that matter to you with a wide choice of panel discussions and expert workshops. You could learn how to create a smart social media strategy, discuss how to change your mindset, or become a productivity ninja. In every discussion and workshop, the emphasis is on real, active learning that you can use as soon as you’re back in the office.

In the Desire Hour, you’ll get the chance to do something entirely different. You’ll get to let go of the everyday grind and have fun. Take part in an acting workshop with a West End professional, discover how to tell stories, or stretch out with some yoga.

Then there are the keynote speakers, people who’ve succeeded in business by following their desires, like Camilla Stephens and Mark Campbell from Higgidy Pies. They grew their business from kitchen table to £24 million turnover, selling their home to raise the capital.

At the end of the day, we’ll wrap up with drinks, music and conversation.

Who’s going to the Brighton Summit?

Everyone in business, from CEOs to freelancers.

Join them. The Brighton Summit takes place on 14th October at the Clarendon Centre in central Brighton. Tickets available now from £79.



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