Want a better job in 2017? Top job-seeking tips that work

2017Here are LoveLocalJobs.com top tips for success ahead of the Christmas holidays.

UK unemployment is down, but perhaps more importantly, wage growth is showing signs of growth. Christmas can be tough time for jobseekers before the New Year sets in, but there are plenty of positives in the UK job market to draw strength from. With the right strategy in place, and the help of a platform which is dedicated to supporting local communities, there’s every opportunity to make 2017 your year to shine. Here are our top tips for success ahead of the Christmas holidays. 

Stay active

The best way to stay motivated when the going gets tough is to focus on your own goals and stay active. Make a point of setting up an account with a jobs board to connect your skills with the local business community, send at least one resume to an employer every single day, and find at least one free careers guidance platform to access the best support and information. Small steps like these are key for staying calm and in control.

Believe in your abilities

Men will apply for a job when their skills meet just 60% of a job vacancy, compared with women who will wait until they meet 100% of a job post, according to an internal Hewlett Packard report a few years ago. Women are also more likely to suffer from Imposter Syndrome at work, i.e. a deep fear of being exposed, that you don’t deserve success because you’re a fraud. Both men and women will lack confidence at work at some point, but these findings reveal that there are plenty of career misconceptions that need to be tackled.

It’s important to take an honest look at your skills and experience, of where you want to go and how to get there. Seeking employers that take career progression seriously is crucial, but so is your attitude and self-belief. Many job seekers fall short during the interview stages not because they aren’t qualified, but because their nerves translate into a lack of enthusiasm or confidence in person. If you’re in doubt, have a friend or family member evaluate your CV and cover letter to provide feedback on how you can market yourself better.

Become a better networker

Christmas and New Year is a great time to improve your social skills, even if it’s just around friends and family. Spending your free time surrounding by others is invaluable for becoming a better networker. Sometimes the best career opportunities are from the people you know, or a new contact that you meet face to face. So shut the lid of your laptop and take the time to socialise in person, because you never know what might happen.

Promote in-demand soft skills that you already have

‘Soft skills’ are becoming an ever-more important part of career success. These skills are free, don’t require a degree, and you probably have a lot of them already. Which skills do we mean? Communication skills, for example. Verbal and written skills are required for presentations, proposals, decision making and proactively engaging with different departments and figures from all levels of a company. Flexibility: are you a great multitasker? Promote it on your CV and demonstrate how it has helped in a previous role. 2017 is set to be a year of rapid change for many sectors. Businesses are looking for multi-skilled, flexible employees who are adaptable. Other soft skills include interpersonal skills, basic IT knowledge, and a strong work ethic.

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