A career you love and a good work-life balance? You can have both at LV.

A career you love and a good work-life balance? You can have both at LV... Read more below to hear what LV= employee Jess has to say about working for the company!

Jess, joined LV= as a Claims Handler nine years ago. Since then, she’s made a huge impact on the Claims team, had two gorgeous children and built a brilliant career here. LV= caught up with her to talk flexibility, fun and feeling empowered.

Hi Jess. So you joined us nearly a decade ago, what were you doing prior to LV=?

I was working at another insurance company as a Household Claims Handler. But I fancied a change. I didn’t really feel like my career was going anywhere and, unlike LV=, the company was shareholder-led so I felt a bit like a tiny cog in a huge machine – rather than feeling valued as a person. I joined LV= as their very first Claims Handler in the Commercial Property team and the support and opportunities I’ve had, over the last nine years, have been amazing.

How has your role evolved over the years?

As the Commercial Property Claims team has grown so has my role! It’s not the kind of place where you just have to sit at your desk and do what you’re told day in, day out. You have the freedom to use your initiative and if you spot an opportunity or a better way of doing things, you’re encouraged to do it. You can actually look at each situation individually and think about what’s best for that customer rather than just a one-size fits all approach. That’s how my role came about. When I got back from my first lot of maternity leave, I started getting involved in more projects, improving working practices and identifying ways that we could add value to the claims process. My manager recognised this and we worked together to shape my new role as Claims Coordinator.

You mentioned going on maternity leave. How did you find it returning to work afterwards?

I’ve had two children since I’ve been here and LV= has been incredibly supportive throughout my pregnancies and maternity leaves. From being able to nip upstairs for a lie down when I’ve needed it to being able to come back part time, it’s been brilliant. Everyone was so lovely and welcoming when I returned and it’s nice to know that people were genuinely looking forward to having me back.

I live in Worthing, which is quite a drive from Croydon, so I work from home two days a week and do one day in the office. Having that flexibility means that I get to give my kids breakfast in the mornings and be back in time for school plays etc! I have a little office set up in my dining room and I actually find that I’m even more productive with my time, so it works out really well.

How does LV= differ to other organisations you’ve worked at?

I think the fact that it’s a mutual makes a real difference. You can tell that people genuinely care about you and your career. They want you to grow and be great at what you do. It’s one of the reasons our attrition level is so low here. You’re recognised for your work and your ideas are listened to. At whatever level you join, your input will be valued and you feel like you’re making a difference. I love that.

What’s the best thing about working at LV= in your opinion?

It’s all about the people here! You never just feel like a number. You’re working for the benefit of members and customers in an organisation that really looks after its people. We work hard but we have good fun and lots of laughs along the way. 


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