A Day in the Life of…

Sadie Sussex Downs College

A Day in the Life of…

Sadie Nicholas, Apprentice Administrator for the Marketing Team at Sussex Downs College

Sadie works in the busy Marketing and Communications team at Sussex Downs College. Based on the Eastbourne campus, the team looks after the entire College’s marketing, including its campuses in Lewes and Newhaven. This makes every day busy, varied and exciting for Sadie.

A former Media, Photography, Sociology and Business student at the College, Sadie embarked on her apprenticeship in February 2016. Working within the Communications department gives her the opportunity to work in a team that focus on social media, design, people and journalism. This perfectly mirrors Sadie’s course choices, making this role the perfect match.

Sadie’s full time role is largely office based. A normal working week sees Sadie spend a lot of time keeping track of the finances within the Communications team. She generates and looks after the advertising schedule, which includes various print and digital outlets across Sussex. Sadie is also the first point of contact to enquiries from external contacts.

Alongside the work demands, Sadie also finds the time to complete the portfolios of work needed to complete her apprenticeship. Her assessor visits Sadie in the workplace to tick off apprenticeship modules. Revision time and sitting exams linked to her Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship also slots in around a very busy workload.

A morning may begin with Sadie arranging a photoshoot to promote the International Department of the College and end in a creative meeting with the local radio station to talk about ideas for forthcoming radio slots. Lunch may be cut short with a quick trip to the local DIY or stationery stores for essential items needed for a College event happening that evening.

Yes, this is no normal 9-5 office role. Sadie could work late on any given evening, helping to run a College awards event at the Campus restaurant or playing host to international companies involved in a hair and beauty show with staff and students from the College. Of course, once the event is set up, there’s the tidy up and the post-event report and press photos to be sorted.

Sadie is involved with aspects of College marketing every step of the way. Organisation is essential, as is being flexible, polite and friendly at all times.

About her role, Sadie says: “I decided an apprenticeship was the best opportunity for me after seeing my boyfriend achieve in his electrical apprenticeship through Sussex Downs College. I realised that I can achieve great things without attending university, which isn’t for everyone. The thought of earning money whilst learning made the decision easier. It is great learning on the job because you gain real life working experience within an organisation, which is added to your CV and helps open up lots of future opportunities as most businesses prefer experience.”

Commercial Brochure: www.sussexdowns.ac.uk/colleges/training-for-work/course-index/

Contact the Apprenticeship team (Sussex Skills Solutions at Sussex Downs College on 030 300 38241

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