African adventure beckons for Chichester College 

African adventure beckons for Chichester College 

Staff and students from Chichester College have embarked on a mission to help build a school in Kenya.

A group of 40 will fly to Nairobi today (Friday 29 July) as part of a two-week visit to The Walk Centre in Nakuru. 

During their visit they will begin building a new school at the site, as well as renovating existing classrooms and spending time teaching at the centre.

The group are the latest volunteers to travel to Kenya – since 2011, more than 250 students and members of staff have made the same journey.

Student experience manager Lisa Humphries has organised the trip. She said: “We have been working in partnership with African Adventures Foundation for a number of years now and, since January, we have been fundraising with them to build a new school at the site.

“We are halfway to reaching our target of £70,000 which means we can now start work.

“Staff at The Walk have been busy for the past few weeks preparing the site and demolishing existing temporary structures, so that when we arrive the foundations should be in place and we’ll start laying the first bricks.

“We’re taking our biggest group yet, as we’re being joined by some family and friends, so we’re anticipating getting lots done while we're out there.”

The trip is entirely self-funded by the volunteers – and they will have some time for sightseeing while they are away, with visits to an elephant orphanage, giraffe sanctuary and a safari on the agenda.

The group will also be travelling with 40 cases filled with donations for the centre, including clothes, toys and stationery.

Lisa, who is making her sixth visit to The Walk Centre, added: “I’ve have been overwhelmed by the generosity shown by everyone this year. We’ve collected so much stuff to take out there, which will make a big difference to the children and staff at the centre.

“And we’ve raised a fantastic amount of money towards building the school, which will provide a quality education to thousands of children in Nakuru who are living in extreme poverty, and will hopefully change their lives.

“Seeing the work we do with African Adventures and being a part of that will be life-changing for the volunteers. It’s an emotional experience. It's hard work but it is extremely worthwhile.”

To find out more about The Walk Centre and how you can get involved in supporting the fundraising for the new school, please visit

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