Benefits of a CV Database for Jobseekers

One of the best ways for our users to find the right title and business is through our simple CV database that is used by hundreds of businesses from a variety of industries. Let’s get straight into a brief introduction on what a CV database is and how it can help you.


A CV database simply collects thousands of potential CVs into one manageable online system. This virtual pile of candidates can then be broken down by experience and suitability for a particular role based on keywords to allocate the right roles for jobseekers in their desired region and industry. Jobseekers can log in at any time to view their account activity results of a particular job opening and receive email notifications on multiple devices.


These are the five main benefits for jobseekers:

  1. Simple and straightforward – We understand that finding a job can become a full time task in itself and finding the right career opportunity can be stressful and time consuming, particularly if you’re already in employment. Our self-service site is ready to use 24/7 for busy jobseekers to tap into on the go. The team has created a comprehensive profile sign up form that includes existing details and all aspects of a future prospect. Once this initial stage has been completed, the database will do the work for you, with a regular email notification system in place to keep you informed at all times - only relevant jobs will be emailed to jobseekers. Our platform is also responsive for desktops, mobiles and tablets for maximum convenience. Jobseekers are then free to update their details at any time.
  2. Expert credentials – we are a trusted and recognised service, working with businesses, schools and colleges in the South East. Our jobs board is viewed by more than 4.7 million jobseekers every year from every experience level and industry background. If you want to reach out to a large pool of employers in the public, private or third sector, trust our popular service to get the results you want.
  3. Dedicated service – it is in our best interests to help you find long-term, local employment prospects that you will love. Our team are not only good at what we do but are passionate about people: getting to know you personally, talking through different options and are always on hand at every stage of a job search. Our CV database allows us to promote jobseekers and their full potential for better results.
  4. Take control – our 24/7 online profile set up allows you to take control of your personal branding. We do recommend that you allow local employers to see your profile for increased exposure, however, if you feel like you need to brush up on a few skills, you can alter your settings during this time to focus on honing your expertise with our help.   
  5. Helping young people – our jobs board is open to businesses in all industries and sectors. Our collaborative work with local colleges is effective for attracting a range of apprenticeship openings alongside degree-based roles for young people. Our CV database can be used to connect young people with the best vocational job roles in your local area.

Look up what’s on offer in your local area with the help of We have helped thousands of jobseekers to connect with the right people. If you want to perfect your CV before signing up to the service, please take a look at our four employability microsites to find the right advice for you. 

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