Brighton employees pledge to Cycle to Work

I pledge Domestic and General_Blog_imageBrighton employees pledged to Cycle to Work on Thursday 3 September. Workers across Brighton and Hove opted for two wheels instead of four, as record numbers took part in Cycle to Work Day.

The national campaign aims to increase the number of people cycling to work every day in the UK from 760,000 to more than a million by 2021. In 2013 and 2014, tens of thousands of commuters hit the streets, and cycled over a half million miles for Cycle to Work Day. As well as being endorsed by celebrities such as Denise Van Outen, hundreds of employers are pledging their support. Taking part this year is Domestic & General; the contact centre employs 900 people at its central Brighton office. Nicki Perry, Domestic & General HR Manager recently completed a 250-mile charity bike ride and believes more people should cycle regularly, especially to work. She said: “Getting on your bike in the morning is a great way to blow away the cobwebs and get the blood pumping, ready for a productive day at work. It’s a really great form of exercise, with low impact on the body, and it’s also a cheap and non-polluting form of travel.” Domestic & General is signed up to the government's Cycle to Work Scheme which provides tax-free bikes to employees who pay back in monthly instalments at 0% interest. So far 44 Domestic & General employees have already bought bikes through the scheme. Cycle to Work Day also enjoys unilateral support from cycling advocacy groups such as British Cycling, Sustrans, the London Cycling Campaign, Cyclescheme, the Bicycle Association, CTC - the national cycling charity, and Cycle Nation.

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Seven reasons to cycle to work Nicki Perry, HR Manager at Domestic & General shares her top reasons for cycling to work:

1. It's a low-impact type of exercise – which means it’s far easier on your joints when compared to running or high-impact aerobics – but it still helps you get into shape.

2. You can burn hundreds of calories – for example, someone who weighs 80kg (12st 9lb) will burn more than 650 calories with an hour's riding. It’s also great for toning legs and bums and if you ride uphill or off-road, you'll also work your upper body.

3. It’s a great defence against illness - moderate exercise makes immune cells more active and helps prevent heart disease.

4. Cycling can decrease your stress levels – by releasing endorphins that trigger positive feelings.

5. You’ll sleep better – exercise promotes better sleep, while feeling properly rested will boost concentration levels and productivity at work.

6. It’s affordable – forget expensive petrol, season tickets and bus passes, once you’ve bought a bike and the safety kit that goes with it, all you need is leg power.

7. It’s green – cycling contributes zero CO2 emissions and reduces our dependency on oil. A less polluted environment equals a healthier you.

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