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The Momentum Programme is seeking more volunteer mentors, especially for our Eastbourne and Hastings students, for our 2015/16 programme which starts this month!

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A Sussex-based mentor and a University of Brighton student were named “Partnership of the Year” in our 2014/15 programme in Eastbourne and Hastings. Fay Fellows, Student Programme Officer at Pestalozzi International Village near Battle, volunteered to mentor Ven Fitchett who is studying Applied Social Science BA (Hons) at the University of Brighton’s Hastings campus, as part of the award winning Momentum programme. 

The programme is run by the university to support black and minority ethnic or disabled students as well as those lacking in confidence. 
Together, Fay and Ven collected the Roffey Park Award for Momentum Partnership of the Year (Hastings and Eastbourne campuses). 

Fay said: “Being a mentor was part of my ongoing professional development plan at Pestalozzi.” Pestalozzi International Village is an educational charity that provides scholarships to students aged 16-19 years old from Belize, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Tibetan Communities in Exile, Indonesia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

Fay’s role includes planning and organising the extra-curricular programme as well as pastoral care and tutoring. She also goes out on selection trips to identify possible candidates for the Pestalozzi scholarships and work with our partners in country. 

She explained how the mentoring brought benefits to her own organisation: “I attended the coaching skills training provided free of charge by the Momentum Programme and shared some of the strategies with my colleagues in the student programme team. It gave me the opportunity to develop and practise my mentoring skills in a different setting.” 

Ven, a student on Applied Social Science BA (Hons), applied to the Momentum programme during her second year. She said: "I was quite excited about meeting Fay because she already had experience of the plans and career options I am hoping to pursue. She helped me to have a positive mind set by helping me to see that I can achieve my goals and aspirations, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she used to advise and give me general support. With Fay’s help, this programme has helped to broaden my horizon with regards to future career plans. It has also helped me to grow as a person, and has increased my confidence as well as my grades.” 

Fay said: “I really enjoyed meeting with Ven and I saw a big change in her over the year. She really gained confidence, her academic writing really improved, she really engaged with her course and it was a pleasure to see her flourish. It was evident from the outset that she was very organised and hard-working, but I think that extra bit of support I could give really brought out her potential.” 

The Momentum programme operates at the university’s campuses in Hastings, Eastbourne and Brighton. To find out more about the programme and how you and your business could get involved visit or email for further information. 

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