CV Search is here!

As one of the largest recruiters in the South East, attracts the best candidates from across the UK and beyond. In fact, our job boards are viewed by more than 4.7 million jobseekers every year.

Get access to the 1000’s of CV’s that wing into our database every month with CV Search: a brand new tool that is here to make your recruitment process a whole lot easier!

With our library of candidates, you can now search, shortlist and save CV’s meaning you only spend your time searching through the most relevant candidates for your role. Our simple search filters include date posted and location, so if you want an active candidate that lives less than 5 miles away, we will only show you CV’s that match… You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Our CV database will allow you to view an anonymous version of candidates' CVs, giving you more information and a better feel for the candidate before you download.

To be able to search our database, you will need to contact the team to allow you access:

£199 + VAT for one day access (You will be limited to 20 CV downloads)

£499 + VAT for a working week access (You will be limited to 10 CV downloads a day)

To purchase your access today, contact the team on 01273 651100 or email

CV Search

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