How will these unprecedented times change recruitment?

At some point, the economy will stabilise and start to recover. Some sectors are already prospering because their niches suit the time. Others will emerge and evolve. Competition will inevitably reduce as businesses fold. Not only will there be an opportunity to acquire a greater or new market share as a result of the disruption but there will also be the potential to acquire a greater and new market share for the essential fuel that drives the machine – a talented workforce.
This pool of highly skilled people will most likely be highly motivated and loyal and will feel less comfortable about job-hopping due to the uncertainty.

TIP: Think about what success looks like on the other side, and the people you may need to help you reach your business goals. Work back to what you can be doing today, tomorrow, next week and next year to show them why your organisation is a great employer for them to rebuild their careers and livelihoods with when the time comes.

The future is flexible (working)

Lockdown has provided a lot of time for us all to reflect on what is important to us personally and professionally. There’s already lots of talk about flexible and remote working being introduced to businesses permanently as many people have been working from home for the first time and, to their surprise, enjoyed it! Many businesses have seen their staff being more productive without office distractions. When not in lockdown, WFH and flexible hours provide a better work/life balance which is something many candidates will now value and look for in their future roles.

Will we see the end of long-distance commuters?

Following on from the above, many people are realising what they are missing whilst commuting into London - Parents missing bedtimes, friends missing local pub quizzes (remember when they weren't just on zoom?!). Obviously, people won't just stop commuting into London but this is an opportunity for employers in areas such as Crawley and Brighton to appeal to local talent historically lost to the capital

Employer Brand

In the long term, candidates are more likely to pay attention to how companies dealt with COVID-19 and use this to help them decide which employer they want to join. A quick google shows articles highlighting the companies who have supported their employees during this time and websites such as Glassdoor, which showcases real reviews from staff, will soon reflect how companies really responded to COVID-19 from an employees point of view. 

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