Interview 101

Interview 101

We all know that when you go for an interview, it’s one of the most nervous things that you will do. The minute you find out you have an interview your mind goes into overdrive and you start thinking of all the different questions that you might be asked and then you have to think of questions to ask them (it can be a tough thing). Sometimes you have to go back for a second and maybe even a third interview. After speaking to various employers about interviews, here are some of our favorite things that you shouldn’t say during your interview. It’s time to take note..

1.‘I’m really nervous’

I would imagine that every single person is going to be really nervous before an interview, however, no recruiter wants to hear that you’re nervous’ this just shows that you lack confidence. Even if you’re shaking inside with nerves, just take some deep breaths. Remember, practice makes perfect…

2. Filler words (ummm, like, so)

‘So….um, like I have lots of experience here’ doesn’t just show you lack confidence, but it also shows how unprepared you properly are. If you do need to pause, just pause! In your head it will feel like a lifetime, however, it is properly only 3-4 seconds.

3. ‘So what do you do here?’

This is a big NO GO! If there is one thing you need to do for an interview, that research the company. You don’t need to go deep into the history of the company and where it’s come from (this is always a plus if you do that), but you do need to know the company because you might be working there! If you don’t take the time to research the company, it looks like you don’t actually even care about working there.

4. ‘Sorry I’m late’

Do we need to actually say why this is bad? Turning up late for your interview pretty much means you won’t get it. You need to be as punctual as possible. Some employees won’t even make the effort in the interview if you are late….seriously!

5. ‘Sorry I’m early’

So turning up late is one thing, however, turning up super early is just as bad. an interviewer could be in back to back interviews or meetings so if you turn up 30 minutes early and the receptionist tells them you have arrived…a) that will frustrate them and b) even though your early, that person will be thinking about you sitting down there when they could be getting on with work or doing some last minute reading of your CV. Tip, don’t be too early or too late. Arrive 10mins early max!

6.’Nope. I think you have covered everything’

A sales director once told me ‘if someone at the end of an interview doesn’t ask one single questions after the interview…I won’t hire them’. At the end of an interview, asking questions is the most important thing. Here is for you to find out everything you need to know about the job, the responsible in more detail, the salary, the bonus structure, the company culture, the list goes on. Company loves it when an interviewee comes armed with a handful of questions, it shows that they are prepared! Take that as a hint….

7. ‘Can you tell me about your sick policy?’

Asking about the companies sick policy make it look like you are planning on being sick quite a lot which isn’t a great start for a brand new job! The employer is going to LOVE you….

8. ‘I really hate my current job’

This shows a couple of things. One, it shows that you aren’t every caring about your current place of work. Even if you do hate your job, you never say that. Use words like ‘challenges/frustrations. It’s inevitable that in the interview you are going to be asked about why you want to leave your current place of work so remember not to be too harsh!

9. ‘Can I take this call?’

If it’s a medical emergency or a family matter then that would be ok, however, if it’s just a mate of yours, it’s prob best if you just leave it….

10. Dropping a S or F Bomb!

Sometimes employers get relaxed in an interview as it will be going well and the employer could relax his language and throw in a couple of slang words. I wouldn’t mirror this person and just do the same and drop an S-bomb or even an F-bomb. Keep the language PG.

And that it’s! As we said, there are loads of things you should do in your interview but if you don’t do any of these 10, then you should be on for a good one!

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