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Joe Binns talks about his role as Learning & Development Manager at Palmer & Harvey, his career journey from starting out as a temporary employee to his current job and his achievements. Find out more about his experience with working at Palmer & Harvey.

What is your role at Palmer & Harvey and how long have you been in your position?

I am the Learning & Development Manager, primarily responsible for developing, promoting and delivering learning resources for colleagues to help with their personal & professional development. However, my role also involves managing the company intranet site and coordinating initiatives such as our employee recognition program. I have been in this position for about 8 months now.

What attracted you to working at Palmer & Harvey?

People often say it’s the biggest company that you’ve never heard of, and, in all honesty, that was true for me when I first joined on a temporary contract. However, since then I have come to realise the company’s sheer scale, importance for local communities and the diverse nature of roles here. Whether you want to specialise in HR, IT, Sales, Finance, Logistics or Buying, to name a few, there are all sorts of opportunities here!

What do you love about working at Palmer & Harvey?

Despite its size, Palmer and Harvey has a real family feel about it. Everyone is willing to support each other where possible, and do what they can to make the business successful. This makes it an enjoyable place to work. In my own role, I also love the variety which allows me to get involved in a variety of different projects and initiatives.

What has been your career highlight?

It’s hard to say, although winning our department award scheme on two occasions over the last year, has been very touching. To be recognised by my peers as living our company values, really makes me proud and gives me the motivation to continue.

How would you describe your time so far at Palmer & Harvey?

I’ve been at Palmer and Harvey for just over 5 years now, and I would describe it as a time of opportunities. If you’re willing to stretch yourself and, at times, go out of your comfort zone, then it’s a great company within which to enhance your skills, knowledge and experience.

Would you recommend Palmer & Harvey to your friends/family as a great place to work? Why?

Yes, absolutely. You are exposed to all sorts of challenges, opportunities and experiences at Palmer and Harvey. I never envisaged working here in the past, however, the company has now helped me to forge a career in the area I now work in; for that I will always be extremely grateful.

Where would you go in a time machine?

Not too far – to the 1960s. A revolutionary decade which massively shaped our world today and which I would have loved to have experienced. The Civil Rights movement, the moon landings, the Woodstock festival and England winning the World Cup, to name just a few events!

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