Love your work: choose a career in healthcare

Choose job satisfaction, choose career progression, choose an ever-changing work environment that will keep you on your toes: choose a job in healthcare!

It’s no secret that the industry has faced big challenges this year, but in spite of headlines throughout 2016, healthcare remains one of the UK’s biggest growth industries and one of the most rewarding. currently has a broad range of employment opportunities that are waiting for the right skillset. Here are five great reasons why we think you should snap one up this year.

High demand, high progression potential

There is a huge demand in the UK healthcare sector, from mental health and elderly care to administrative and front line roles. The UK population is expected to rise by approximately 10 million over the next 25 years, so the need to fill staff shortages over the long-term isn’t going to die down anytime soon. High demand in any sector creates a favourable application environment for job seekers as employers often provide extra training and promotion opportunities for self-development and progression. So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to expand your skills quickly and branch out at work, take a look at our healthcare opportunities to take the next step.

Join a rapidly growing industry

Healthcare is one of the largest growth industries in the UK today. The health sector is embracing new ideas to solve traditional problems, which in turn is creating great opportunities for today’s candidates. Advancements in technology, for example, are changing the way the sector helps Britons from all walks of life. Spending on NHS resources has increased from £75.822 billion in 2016 to a planned expenditure of £118.829 billion by 2017. The National Health Service, and other healthcare providers, are reliant upon a steady stream of new talent to fill the gaps that will inevitably open up over the coming years.

Follow your passions

Ever feel like you’ve reached the end of another week without actually achieving that much, apart from sending out a bunch of emails? If you love helping others and yearn for a chance to make a difference, then you should definitely consider a career in the healthcare sector. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need extensive medical knowledge to work in the industry. As the fifth largest employer in the world, the NHS alone is calling out for a broad range of skill sets, some of which do not even need previous experience.  

No day is ever the same

By choosing a role in healthcare that matches your skillset, you’ll experience great variety and a sense of purpose as you overcome different challenges every week. You’ll need to analyse issues and solve them quickly in a busy work environment, by yourself and as part of a team. Workers are supported every step of the way by a close-knit department who are all working toward the same goals.  Whether you choose a position on the frontline or behind the scenes, your work will positively affect the level of care that patients receive.

High local satisfaction is proud to advertise roles on behalf of two NHS trusts:  the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust. NHS staff satisfaction levels in Sussex rank above the national average for a range of engagement factors, as illustrated by this 2015 survey.

Recent scores at the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust highlighted that its staff say:

  • They are motivated at work.
  • Their role makes a difference to patients.
  • They see effective teamwork.
  • They feel able to contribute to improvements at work.
  • The organisation provides equal opportunities for career progression/promotion.

Find the perfect antidote to your workplace woes by exploring our list healthcare jobs – one of the longest on the site. The team have the experience and tools you’ll need to grow your career in the sector. We’re already a go-to provider in the South East for candidates and businesses. You too can benefit from our dedicated, 24-hour account benefits, so why not create an account to promote your skills in your local area?

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