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Here at, we LOVE our workplace! The people, the job, the name it! We thought it was a great idea to let everybody know a little more about what we do here, and why we enjoy it so much.

After all, we’re only a little team…


Charlene Brown | Head of Operations


I am the Head of Operations at Being the longest serving member of the team, I have helped develop and grow the company right from the start. My role involves systems, office admin, team management, finance, some marketing and the general day to day running of

I love my job, because we stay true to our mission and genuinely care about the services we provide to the local community. We help make a difference!



Paul Scrivens | Head of Commercial


I’m the new boy at….. and I have to say that I couldn’t be happier to be part of Gary Peters’s fantastic team. Having built a career in classified, digital and recruitment media I had an increasing desire to do something with more meaning. After attending one of’s Be the Change launch conferences at the Amex stadium I came away inspired. I knew that by contributing my knowledge and experience I could help do more fantastic work and be a part of something that leaves a mark on the world we live in. Well the world as far as Brighton, Sussex, Gatwick and London…..But watch his space!

So here I am!  As Head of Commercial my job is to enable to thrive, grow and succeed. Our heartbeat is driven by a desire to deliver even more services, events, programmes and conferences for local communities, exemplar employers and the wealth of fantastic organisations we collaborate with. All with the intention of helping to drive social mobility and raise local career aspirations. I feel truly privileged to have found a dream job and I couldn’t be more excited about helping to connect more people with their own dream jobs.


Christina Fishlock | Event Manager


As the Event Manager for I work on the amazing and inspirational programme Be the Change aimed at students who may face challenges and difficulties in school or with school life but who, with the right support and role models, have real potential. The programme focuses on happiness, confidence, hope, relationships and employability and encourages students to identify their personal barriers to success, before helping them find ways of overcoming them.

We also deliver conferences and events for local businesses aiming to provide information, advice and guidance giving practical tips and insights on attracting and retaining local talent. We are currently delivering our first Fearless Females Conference which will be taking place on Friday 11th May at the Hilton London Gatwick Airport.

I love my job as I believe it’s really important to promote career opportunities locally and I love the innovative and creative ways that bring together the world of work and education. We are a small and passionate team working in the heart of Brighton and it’s a real privilege to be able to work with businesses and schools across Sussex.


Fay Van Der Westhuizen | Partnership Executive


My role is Partnership Executive and currently my focus is supporting the successful launch of our new and exciting project, LoveLondonJobs.  I spend the majority of my time researching potential clients, connecting with them and managing their expectations.  My main role is to build and maintain client relations in London and support them through the launch.   

What I love about my role is speaking to different clients of all levels, across all sectors and linking them together to enable them to build their communities and raise brand awareness.  Seeing this project starting to grow is incredibly exciting and to say I was part of it will be a proud moment for me.


Carney Spurr | Client Solutions Executive


My role at is the Client Solutions Executive. My main responsibility within the company is to contact local business big or small who are in need to recruit and I offer them a solution to the problem. The solutions can range from a yearly unlimited to just a single advert. I also work closely with existing clients, making sure their expectations they have of us are met.

Communicating with people is a real skill of mine and it is something I love to do. This is really lucky as it is an integral part of my day to day at work. I enjoy speaking to a different people, in different companies from different sectors every day. Not only that, the work environment is perfect. I work with so many great people, have a great boss, I learn so much each day and there is a beer fridge in the office!



Billy Humphreys | Marketing Executive


My name is Billy and I head up everything marketing at LLJ! I have been with for just under 2 years. My role here consists of two different areas; driving candidates to the website and driving businesses to place job adverts. There’s lots of different ways we do marketing. Mainly it’s Email marketing and direct marketing but other areas include social media, event marketing, radio and offline marketing

The thing I love most about my job is being creative, trying to make something that is ordinary stand out from the crowd; that could be a targeted campaign for businesses that needs a quirky handout to be send in the post, or a lead generation campaign to drive more candidates to an event we are running.

It’s safe to say, whatever type of marketing it is...I will 100% love it! #marketeratheart 


Helen Walpole |  HR & Operations Director


I’m’s HR & Operations Director. As a team we’ve worked closely together to define our company vision and my role is bring that to life in our strategic plans and day to day operations. We’re all really excited about the vital part each of us play in achieving our vision. Another part of my role it so ensure we’re all engaged and inspired to deliver exceptional service to our customers, and that we all have the tools, resources and skills to do the best we can. 


I couldn’t be more proud to be part of such a philanthropic organisation and to work with a team that is absolutely committed to supporting the local community and economy by bridging the gap between education  and employment. The passion of the team in infectious and that’s why I love working here.

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