LoveLocalTalent conference explains how to work with the Millennial generation


Recruiting the ‘Modern Employee’.
LoveLocalTalent conference explains how to work with the Millennial generation, the award winning jobs board based in Sussex held their first ever #LoveLocalTalent conference in Brighton to address the challenges with the modern workforce focusing on millennials and how to attract and retain the next generation.

With the rise of the millennial workforce imminent and by 2030 our workforce 40% millennials, ran a half day conference at the Old Market in Hove with a full line up of top speakers with insights and useful tips about recruiting and maintaining modern staff. Over 110 business attended this one off event to find out what they could be doing to change their recruitment strategy. Adam Henderson from Millennial Mindset kicked off the conference with ‘The new rules of engagement for a rapidly evolving workforce’. His talk covered the ‘Millennial Myth’ and how the young generation have grown up with technology at their fingertips and how businesses fundamentally need to “change the way they work to reflect the way the world is and not the way the world way”.


Tim Jarvis, Owner of SeeThat spoke about his experiences of starting a company as a millennials and the challenges he faced and how businesses can adapt the way they internally speak to teams to reflect the changes in today’s world including social media and the use of Whatsapp!

Other speakers on the day were Ann Potterton from BT to discuss the use of Apprenticeships in businesses and how local businesses in Sussex should be getting more out of the Levy and how to increase local young talent and Graham Moore from Be the Change speaking about how Be the Change is increasing the life skills and employability skills of young people and how the programme opens student’s eyes to the world of work.

The day finished with the final talk from Jamie Summers & Matt Oak at The Skills Farm. They spoke about ‘Developing and Leading the Talent of Today and Tomorrow. With some big case studies from Apple & Deloitte, the talk had some key takeaways for businesses of all sizes to implement into their business straight away.

Kim Jordan from One Family said “I really thought that the speakers had put a lot of thought into their presentations and really encouraged you to think about your situation at work” and Bianca Arsene from Crawley College added “I was very delighted to hear Adam mention the 'values are the most import thing in attraction and retention of personnel' movement.” And Canon UK said “All presentations provided excelled and the speakers were real, which was great”

With recruitment a big topic in Sussex and how hundreds of people comminute to London each day without knowing the great opportunities on their doorstep, the conference provided strategic changes on how business could attract that audience they struggle to find.

“The event was everything we wanted it to be” said Billy Humphreys, Marketing Manager at “After running a survey with local businesses back in March, it was clear to see there was a disconnect with job seekers and employers and we wanted to tackle this head on. The speakers were fantastic today and we’re looking forward to the next event we do in 2018”

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