Selling yourself in an interview is what candidates find the most challenging: results from our short career survey, March 2016

Thank you to all those who took the time to take part in our short career survey in March 2016. The survey was carried out by, to gain a little understanding of our current users and followers.  

More than 50% of the candidates surveyed are currently employed and 31% are unemployed and currently looking for work. As expected 89% of the respondents would be interested in a permanent contract if unemployed. 

We then asked the question; ‘If unemployed what industry are/would you be interested in?’  The top answers included Business (38%), Marketing & PR (26%) and Media, Public Sector and HR all coming in the same (12%).

The main results that has stood out from our short survey is the answers to: ‘What do you/would you find most challenging as a jobseeker today?’. 53% answered selling yourself in an interview and 13% negotiating job offers and salary.

Some of you answered the question with other, listing age discrimination and limited jobs in a particular industry as the most challenging aspect of being a jobseeker today!

It was also great to revisit what candidates and jobseekers actually value the most when considering a job. The favourite value is progression within the company, followed by location and thirdly salary. 



Q. What is your location?

A. 53% Brighton and Hove, 18% East Sussex and 29% West Sussex

Q. What is your gender?

A. 38% Male, 62% female

Q. What is your age range?

A. 18-24 years 6%, 25-34years 19%, 35-44years 25%, 45-54years 19%, 55-64years 25%, 65-74 years 6%

Q. What is your current employment status?

A. 56% employed, 31% out of working and looking, 6% out of work and not currently looking, 6% homemaker

Q. If unemployed, what industry sector are you interested in?

A. 38% Business, 12% HR, 26% marketing and PR, 12% media, 12% public sector

Q. If unemployed, what type of contract are you interested in?

A. 89% permanent, 11% apprenticeship

Q. What do you value most when considering a job? Please rate most important at top to least important at bottom

A. Progression within the company =1, location =2, salary =3, employee benefits =4, ability to work remotely =5

Q. What do you/would you find most challenging as a jobseeker today?

A. Selling yourself in an interview 53%, negotiating job offers / salary 13%, using social media for job searching 7%, CV and cover letter writing 7%, OTHER 20% (Age discrimination, limited jobs in reprographics, none of the above)

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