How to make successful hires to avoid fighting fires

Successful hiring with

Are you struggling to recruit the ‘right’ people? Is your staff turnover higher than you would like it to be? Check out our top tips below for help to recruit and to keep your staff.

Don’t go at it alone!

  • Make sure you’re using job boards to your advantage! Posting positions exclusively on your website will limit your candidate pool.
  • Recruitment advertising is what we do! If you need any help or advice on a job role that just won’t budge, give us a call, we are always here to help!

Be known as a great employer! How do you want candidates to see your company?

  • Think about who you want to work for you. Do you recruit young, fresh-faced university graduates with stars in their eyes? Or seasoned professionals with bucket loads of enthusiasm?
  • What is your company vision? Do your existing employees know? Do you communicate this to potential candidates?
  • How do you go over and above the call of duty to encourage, motivate and shape the minds of your employees?
  • If you’ve got a clear vision, a target demographic and that ‘special something’ that sets your business aside from the rest; how are you promoting it? This brings me nicely to my next point…

Use different mediums to promote your company and positions!

  • Use social media to promote what makes your company a great place to work! Which benefits do you offer employees that set you aside from your competition? Let the social world know!
  • Proactively headhunt candidates on LinkedIn, and change your title to ‘recruiting now’. This will show the business community that you're looking to hire professionals and may catch those golden gems that haven’t even thought about leaving their current position yet.
  • Find companies that hold candidate data, such as job boards and CV search websites and email their databases! The data held will be people who have already alerted those websites that they are looking for work, so you couldn’t ask for a more targeted audience!

Once you have attracted a decent sized candidate pool, you need to make sure you hire the right person!

Does your candidate tick all the boxes?

  • Do they fit your target demographic?
  • Do they come with ideas and enthusiasm?
  • Are they adaptable to change?
  • Do they have the relevant experience?
  • Are they open to learning new things?
  • Are they a ‘cultural fit’ for the business?
  • Make sure the candidate is looking for a career and not just a gap-job!
  • Always check references! (Remember: everyone is charming in an interview)

Hiring can be a very tricky part of running a successful business. By following the above steps, you will put yourself in a better position to focus on the most important part… Keeping your staff!

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