You may have seen the news recently that employers and unions are calling for a rethink to government policies around apprenticeships after it was revealed that numbers have fallen by 59%.

According to the coverage just 48,000 people started an apprenticeship in the final three months of the educational year to July 2017, compared with 117,800 in the same period a year before.
These figures may be shocking but just as worryingly these headlines might put people off exploring apprenticeship opportunities in the future. So, here's the message from Southern Water - We Want You!

Southern Water

Kicking off your career with an apprenticeship is a great way to start in the field you want a career in. You can earn while you learn, gain vital skills and qualifications and increase your future earning potential.
Here at Southern Water we’ve taken on ten apprentices this year - they’re from Kent, Sussex and Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Their ages range from 16 up to 25.

Each apprentice gets their own mentor who train with them throughout their apprenticeship. For the first year they’re residential at an engineering school where they work towards their Performing Engineering Operations (PEO) and BTEC diplomas and other additional, electrical-specific training.
Once they come out of the training school, they’ll be with their mentor every day, so they’ll also be completing an NVQ and completing the standards for the Utilities Technician.

Apprenticeships are important; they’re the future of our company. I started as an apprentice seven years ago. I did an electrical and mechanical apprenticeship - so I’ve been through it myself and I just think it’s a fantastic opportunity for young people, being able to have a hands-on trade, being out there, learning on the job.

University isn’t for everyone and an apprenticeship can be a fantastic way forward, so if you're interested - we’re taking on new apprentices in 2018, not just on the mechanical side...we're also looking at water distribution apprentices as well. If you like the hands-on experience, if you want to tackle problems head on - then an apprenticeship is the way forward, and the best thing is you get a job out of it!

Please check out our apprenticeship pages on our website for the latest information: We can't wait to hear from you.

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