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Research has shown that some top paying job don’t require a university degree…seriously.

Some people may think that being in a successful high paid job means taking out a giant student loan and getting your head down for a few years and then successfully getting a degree meaning you have finally got your foot on the career ladder edging ever closer to landing your dream job. Well, good news is that this isn’t entirely correct.

Indeed have published researched saying that whilst many high paid jobs do require a university degree, there are plenty of extremely well-paid opportunities for those who haven’t/did opt for a higher education.

This means that if you are currently a  student who didn’t decide to go to university due to not getting the required grades, you don’t need to worry about just getting any 9-5 to get you through…..

The top 10 jobs advertised on their site are paying more than the national average salary of £27,600.

  1. Construction Site Manager - £50,000
  2. Pilot - £41,153
  3. HR Manager - £35,000
  4. Executive Assistant - £30,000
  5. Electrician - £28,615
  6. Farm Manager - £24,000
  7. Power Plant Operator - £24,000
  8. Sales Executive - £22,500
  9. Firefighter - £21,000
  10. Estate Agent - £20,000

Taking the top position at number one, a Construction Site Manager with a fantastic salary of £50,000. Many of the skills can be learnt along the way, however, some managers have started with a foundation degree or HND. This doesn’t mean this role isn’t an option.

With Estate Agents in last place at £20,000, although a basic salary, successful candidates can earn a hefty commission on top. Other jobs that have a great commission structure on top of a basic salary are Sales Executives and Executive Assistant.

Some people may think that being a pilot can only be something to dream about and not really even enter their radar. Think again. There are many Flight School/Training facilities to research and see what your options would be if it’s something you would like to look into. You might be a Co-Pilot on Easyjet or even British Airways in a few years. Depending on the airline, some pilot salaries can be around 65,000.

Even though these are the top 10, there are many jobs out there that don’t require a degree. Marketing roles are very popular in this digital age and there are many roles within Marketing (creative, design, SEO). There are many companies that offer intern roles for 6 months to train up an individual that has an interest in Marketing. That way you can work your way up the ranks and become a fully-fledged Marketing Executive within 12 month.

Do any of these jobs take your fancy? Take a look at our job section to see If you can start your new career path.

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