What does good care look like? - Kare Plus

There are things that every care agency claim to offer – Good service and strict compliance processes – So what makes us different?

The answer is our team. We have a team that leads us to be chosen again and again as the supplier of outstanding care.

So, what makes a good carer?

Compassion – One of the most important things we look for is someone who cares.

Ability – Our team have all completed their training and have a proven performance record.

Responsibility – Every member of Kare Plus follows the rules of safeguarding and takes responsibility for safe and sensible working practices.

Experience – All of our carers and nurses have a thorough grounding and experience that makes them the best people for the job.

Reliability – This one speaks for itself!

As we’re coming to the close of October we’ve had to seriously consider the many candidates for Carer of the Month, and our choice has shown all of these skills and traits and has received a very good response from the homes and patients.

So, congratulations Miriam Mason, you’re our Carer of the Month!

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