Why our Founding Partners choose to advertise with us

Founding partners at Lets do businessLoveLocalJobs.com is proud to be partnered with some of the biggest and brightest companies in the UK. Together we have forged new job opportunities for communities and opened up fresh business prospects since we launched in 2010. LoveLocalJobs.com’s relationship with our Founding Partners builds upon the successes of our local online platforms to provide innovative job solutions, increased career activity and local community access to apprenticeships, advice, guidance and the latest job openings. Our work together over the years has strengthened the employment profile of southern England, but what makes us a unique platform in the eyes of existing Founding Partners and eager businesses waiting to step into the mix? Read about our great benefits to find out.

Local credentials: Official Founding Partners will be given a spotlight as an employer of choice in a local region, and will be promoted as a proactive business that is actively involved in the community, supporting local employment and skills

National promotion: Our job boards are viewed by more than 4.7 million jobseekers every year from job seekers at every experience level in a variety of industries. Founding Partners can reach out to this massive pool of potential candidates through unlimited job postings and are each given a full promotional page on the website to outline what they do, why they are successful and job posts. Alongside this dedicated space, each partner is promoted across LoveLocalJobs.com with advertising banners and web links.

Personal service: We help make everyone feel like part of our team by including our partners in quarterly corporate newsletters, business e-newsletters and candidate e-shots whenever relevant. We also have proactive account managers on hand who will guide you to build and retain a strong local presence and ensure that you reach your recruitment goals, finding the right candidates to help the business move forward.

Expand your network: We consider ourselves as experts at what we do, with passion and enthusiasm driving us to push further and expand our growing network. As part of our package, we will send out timely messages to our networks on what our Founding Partners are up to: key local initiatives, news, developments, announcements and offers. We take the time to extend our Founding Partners’ marketing arms to a wider audience to drive leads, engagement and community access.

Build relationships: Along with greater online networking opportunities, our Founding Partners have the opportunity to build relationships in the community through regular advertising, networking and PR activity. We also have a range of charitable opportunities to get involved with throughout the year and we welcome any ideas and event suggestions.

Outreach opportunities: We rely on the great work of business volunteers to help connect to school and college students to help and encourage the next generation. The LoveLocalJobs.com team are proud to have collectively created more than a standard recruitment service. Our Founding Partners can take advantage of our established relationships with schools, colleges and universities by building long-term candidate opportunities through the Be the Change programme and by using our award winning employability microsites to nurture the next crop of talent. We also set up collaborative meetings between local businesses and educators to inject some gusto and advice based on real-life experience into career guidance sessions.

We’ll shout about you on social media: If you have some company news, we’ll shout about it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to create a buzz and potential leads for your business. Our interactive approach makes us so much more than your average recruitment service; we look forward to welcoming more businesses into the LoveLocalJobs.com fold.

Interested in becoming our next Founding Partner? Please contact us on 01273 651100 or info@lovelocaljobs.com to speak to one of the team who will guide you through the process.

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