Business Administration Apprentice

East Grinstead
Annual salary of between £12,000 - £15,000 depending
20 Aug 2019
10 Sep 2019
Account Executive Christine Hamilton
Contract Type

The role will incorporate, but not only include, the following:

  • Provide office support including customer and employee support for Rail Sector
  • Keeping computer databases up to date, including the Business Management System (BMS)
  • Interacting with clients either on the phone or in person
  • Answering phones and connecting calls to the correct person in team
  • Taking phone messages and passing them on
  • Assisting with arrangements for staff training when needed
  • Collecting and inputting company data
  • Learning about the company's mission and available products and services
  • Sending emails on behalf of Rail Team within the office
  • Contributing to report preparation by compiling and incorporating information, photographs and plans, formatting and circulating reports
  • Writing and editing company correspondence and potentially taking minutes at meetings
  • Being ready for any other administrative tasks that are required

Benefits and Facilities:

  • Capita operate 'My Choices' allowing staff to obtain discounts on a variety of products including cinema tickets, gym memberships etc.
  • The Office provides free tea and coffee for staff and use of the kitchen area to heat up food, eat lunch etc.
  • Social events are organised throughout the year for all to attend

Training to be Provided:

Apprenticeships, Business, Work-Based Learning


Work-Based Learning


The Intermediate Apprenticeship in Business Administration is made up of the following qualifications:

Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration

Functional Skills in Mathematics, English, and ICT at Level 1

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills


12 to 18 months


Crawley, In Company

Start Date:

Flexible, start dates throughout the year.

Start Date End Date Description

Dates on Application Off-Site / Roll-on Roll-off (join through-out the year)

About the course

To have a successful career in administration, you will benefit from gaining recognised qualifications alongside learning the necessary skills in your work environment.

The Apprenticeship consists of several separate qualifications. You will be required to work towards achieving these through a combination of college workshops and work-based activities.

For the Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration (which is a combined knowledge and competency qualification), you will be expected to cover a range of units for which you will need to provide work-based evidence:

Some examples of units are listed below:

Mandatory Units

Unit 1 Communication in a business environment (3 credits)

Unit 2 Understand employer organisations (4 credits)

Unit 3 Principles of providing administrative services (4 credits)

Unit 4 Principles of business document production and information management

Unit 5 Manage personal performance and development (4 credits)

Unit 6 Develop working relationships with colleagues (3 credits)

Group B

Unit 7 Administer the recruitment and selection process (3 credits)

Unit 8 Handle mail (3 credits)

Unit 9 Organise business travel or accommodation (4 credits)

Unit 10 Provide reception services (3 credits)

Unit 11 Provide administrative support for meetings (4 credits)

Unit 12 Prepare text from notes using touch typing (4 credits)

Unit 13 Manage diary systems (2 credits)

Unit 14 Collate and report data (3 credits)

Unit 15 Contribute to the organisation of an event (3 credits)

Unit 16 Employee rights and responsibilities (2 credits)

Unit 17 Prepare text from shorthand (6 credits)

Unit 18 Buddy a colleague to develop their skills (3 credits)

Unit 19 Store and retrieve information (4 credits)

Unit 20 Administer finance (4 credits)

Unit 21 Prepare text from recorded audio instruction (4 credits)

Unit 22 Archive information (3 credits)

Unit 23 Administer human resource records (3 credits)

Unit 24 Produce business documents (3 credits)

Unit 25 Produce minutes of meetings (3 credits)

Unit 26 Meet and welcome visitors in a business environment (2 credits)

Unit 27 Health and safety in a business environment (2 credits)

Unit 28 Use a telephone and voicemail system (2 credits)

Unit 29 Contribute to the development and implementation of an information system (6 credits)

Unit 30 Monitor information systems (8 credits)

Unit 31 Develop a presentation (3 credits)

Unit 32 Deliver a presentation (3 credits)

Unit 33 Analyse and present business data (6 credits)

Unit 34 Maintain and issue stationery and supplies (3 credits)

Unit 35 Use and maintain office equipment (2 credits)

Group C

Unit 36 Using email (3 credits)

Unit 37 Bespoke software (3 credits)

Unit 38 Spreadsheet software (4 credits)

Unit 39 Data management software (3 credits)

Unit 40 Presentation software (4 credits)

Unit 41 Word processing software (4 credits)

Unit 42 Website Software (4 credits)

Unit 43 Deliver customer service (5 credits)

Unit 44 Participate in a project (3 credits)

Unit 45 Processing customers financial transactions (4 credits)

Unit 46 Payroll Processing (5 credits)

Unit 47 Process information about customers (3 credits)

Unit 48 Develop customer relationships (3 credits)

Group D

Unit 49 Understand the use of research in business (6 credits)

Unit 50 Understand the legal context of business (6 credits)

Unit 51 Principles of marketing theory (4 credits)

Unit 52 Principles of digital marketing (5 credits)

Unit 53 Principles of customer relationships (3 credits)

Unit 54 Understand working in a customer service environment (3 credits)

Unit 55 Know how to publish, integrate and share using social media (5 credits)

Unit 56 Exploring Social Media (2 credits)

Unit 57 Understand the safe use of online and social media platforms (4 credits)

Unit 58 Principles of equality and diversity in the workplace (2 credits)

Unit 59 Principles of team leading (5 credits)

Expected Duration:

12-18 months

Skills Required:

Good telephone manner

Computer literate

Good English and maths skills

Qualifications Required:

Minimum of GCSE in Maths and English

Personal Qualities:


Good time keeping

'Can do' attitude


Good sense of humour

Keen for new experience, responsibility and accountability

Able to get on with others and be a team-player

Future Prospects:

Full-time position in Business Support role

Other Important Information:

All applications must be made through Apprenticeship vacancies. Do not contact the employer direct as this may result in your application not being considered. The National Minimum Wage for Apprentices is £3.90 per hour effective from 1st April 2019. This is the legal minimum pay per hour applying to 16-18-year-old apprentices and those aged 19 and over in the first year of their apprenticeship. For apprentices 19 or over who have completed their first year and are continuing their apprenticeship, the National Minimum wage appropriate to their age applies.

Reality Check: