CV Search: the tool that is here to make your recruitment process a whole lot easier!

cv database

Our CV database offers a range of benefits; when used properly it can widen your perspective and give you a broader idea of the skills and experiences available to fill your positions. Best of all, it's completely FREE for employers on Manor Royal. 

The CV database gives you more control over your recruitment process; giving you access to a wealth of candidates that can be easily sourced via our keyword searches. They are perfect for filling urgent positions or finding candidates discretely when it is not possible to advertise a role. If used properly they can dramatically reduce the amount of time taken to recruit, saving you time and money. 

With our library of candidates, we can search, shortlist and save CV’s meaning you only spend your time searching through the most relevant candidates for your role. Our simple search filters include date posted and location, so if you want an active candidate that lives less than 5 miles away, we will only show you CV’s that match… You’ll be spoilt for choice!


How to access the CV Database

If you would like to use the CV Database, simply email asking for assistance with this service.